Welcome to Roots Research Services

Roots Research Services plays a key role in helping individuals and organisation in genealogical research throughout the Caribbean. Our network of researchers and contacts will make your research easier and quicker.

We can help to simply obtain a birth certificate or conduct an in depth research project to determine next of kin and identifying issues. Our researchers know how their system works which saves time and expense and provides a thorough and concise result.

We are able to help our customers in two ways: Document Search and Next of Kin Search.

Document Search is whereby we can search for copies of legal documents eg. Certificates for Birth, Death, Marriage and even Baptisms.

Next of Kin Search involves taking the information you have already and finding possible beneficiaries. Providing the appropriate documentation and assist in filling the missing pieces of their family tree.

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Areas we Cover

Trinidad and Tobago
St Nevis and St Kitts
St Vincent